Yes I have written songs which will always be my staple but I have also been practising scoring as well. Music adds emotion and excitement to a variety of media content. I love movie soundtracks. Some movies have excellent pieces of music I have ever heard. Everyone remembers a good movie theme. It is likely that I will stay writing songs because scoring for drama say in movies or games is a different artform because you have to be precise to the visuals. I may write a score or contribute to one – I am open to that possibility. Take a listen to some of my early essays in scoring below.


A friend who I have known for many years called James L Worrad, is a science fiction author. I remember watching him in Instagram marketing his forthcoming book release called The Keep Within, and it seemed like he did not have a trailer for his book. James knows music or did know music as he was guitar player in a local Leicester band called Beg to Differ. For The Keep Within, I made a short animated video using the cover art and wrote some music for it.


Displaced is a an adventure game in development. In 2012, I used Cry Engine 3 to create architectural visualisations for stakeholder engagement during the early stages of architectural projects . This year I revisited some of the footage I generated to write music as an essay in scoring. I looked at all the video I had, sorted out the interesting bits, animated some new elements from those pieces and ended up developing a story arch for a game. From there, I created a concept trailer and wrote some music.

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