Silverbraid Music

Some Might Say He’s a Musical Composer.

With Music, One Might Say It Is
The Harmonious Vibration
Of Thought, Feeling and Action
Rolled Up Into One.
Notes, Chords, Beats, Tempo, Melodies, Rhythm.
You Can’t Forget About Rhythm.
No Rhythm – No Soul!
It has No Soul.
Playful. It has to be Playful.
Play More to Play More to Play More.

Sir HDRP Geetbanatawala


Fun uplifting vibes here in Electronic Dance Music and Orchestra. High tempo, arm raising, body moving beats and chilled groovy harmonies – brought to you by Atlas.

Everyday, his piano gets played. Everyday there is something musically cool and lovely to do whether that is writing, arranging, sound designing, mixing, mastering, artwork creating, video making, photo taking, promo planning, song releasing, and care taken of you – the superfans.

Discover and cultivate your hidden talents because that is what happened during that infamous pandemic of 2020. He went on holiday then got stuck in the sunshine City of Oranges.

Chords in C Major were used in a first ever orchestral composition which later became the last thing shared with his father shortly before he passed away. Atlas fondly remembers how it made his Dad feel and what he said; and that just galvanises his determination.

Bearing in mind, he didn’t have any instruments, he couldn’t play any either, he didn’t know how to use a DAW – but none of that mattered. In the peaceful silence of confinement, music trickled forth, slowly at first then all at once.

Atlas’ upbringing him exposed him to Hindi music, the best of British Music in the 90’s and 2000’s; and recent experience of Latin American Music has opened up a whole new world of delightful possibilities.

Geared only with the most basic laptop:- musical ideas welling up inside found expression; following a fortuitous encounter with an Artist from Venezuela. A dive into music theory had just taken place.

Find him to be partial to instrumentals over vocal music but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t write lyrics. For him, joy is the natural and most important expression of life so let’s be just that here, since music has a way to get you there.

Experienced in life as an architectural technologist, environmental designer, gardener; and compulsive volunteer prior to musical composition. Originally from Leicester, he would now say his heart is in Valencia.



  • A Sky Full Of Stars - OUT NOW
  • Star Bursts - Coming Soon
  • Euphoria - Coming Soon
  • Call Her Duty - Coming Soon
  • BWV 766 - Coming Soon







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