I started writing music in 2020 during the pandemic since we were confined. It was more of a case that it started to flow out of me than me trying to do anything. During Covid 19, I spent a lot of time mediating and working on myself and started to find deeper levels of peace and harmony within me. The pandemic was a tough time for a many people, though for me it was lovely period of introspection. As a creative person, I was already used to closing out the outside world for technical drawing, artwork or gardening. Here you will find my earliest essays in music writing. I want them to be a feature of my site because I am really happy about where they came from. I have worked on something musical everyday for the past three and a half years with a passion and energy I have never before had at any point in my life. I am really glad that I am doing this.

Eminence is Imminent

A piece of music which is the result of a two hour tutorial in FL Studio given to me by friend Alx Tayler. I gave him some very simple chords to demonstrate the program and once I could see how it worked, we made this small composition. Alx Tayler deserves half the credit for the idea and I arranged it a little further once I knew which¬† sounds I liked. The final result reminded me of Lily Allen’s style of music. Should we take this and make a full song? The fans will decide.

Chords Followed Piano

For me, the piano roll in the DAW is like a graph and it is easy to see the patterns in musical structure far easier than using a stave. The major difference is that the piano roll shows all keys. A musical stave has to be denoted as either bass or treble clef and you can have notes within, above and below the stave to show which pitch they represent. The day that followed my tutorial, I wrote some basic chords using the the stock piano plugin to see how certain visual patterns within the piano roll sounded.

A Pure Reworking

Once I got to grips with the DAW, I felt it was best to look at the music of an existing song to learn about structure and everything else because at this stage I was a complete beginner. Your ears knows what sounds right. I chose to try and rework Pure by the Lightning Seeds. I love songs that have a long musical introductions and I wanted to do that with a potential remix of this song in a way that was new and unique without necessarily copying what was already done in the original.

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