Atlas seated cross legged in a chair with arms raised in celebration


Here I give thanks to people, circumstances and events that have helped me reach a place in my life where I am expressing beauty, harmony, joy and peace and writing music.

Amber – If it wasn’t for that conversation at a certain football ground after a certain women’s football match where you reminded that I could speak Spanish, then none of this would exist. How could I have forgot I knew some Spanish but then a day for me can feel like the passing of an age. Well anyway, I would not have gone to Valencia, I would not have met Alx Tayler, I would not have been in a music studio the many times I have now been in one, I would not have a piano now (actually I have two) and I would not be eagerly looking forward to working with one my music producing heroes. I found my natural expression and thing that completes me as an artist and creative. Nice to have seen you recently at the play-off final, I had not seen you for so long I had to look twice to make sure it was you. Smile everyday for no reason whatsoever. Blessings!

Alx Tayler – Our meeting is the stuff that people might call divinely ordained. Everyone, Alx taught me how to use a DAW in a short two hour tutorial and I have not looked back since. I have been to nearly every one of your studio sessions and I especially remember that first one. To think, when we met – I couldn’t speak Spanish all that well and you knew no English however music unites us. I know you have had struggles and are overcoming them – believe in yourself because we have a lot more music to make. Blessings!

Guille – From one lady to another (Little Britain joke for those other than Guille and me). I enjoy your company a lot. You looked after me at times and have been very generous and gracious to me too. I still think you should be an actor so go and do that. Blessings!

Francis & Dali – Francis you are just a crazy rocker really – I know that type of person, I grew up with them. I love visiting your home and when I go to Valencia you are one of the first persons I come to see. I know you want to write a song with me and we will do it. You made the best paella I have ever had so far, some Valencian restaurants should learn from you. Here is to gardening together again. Dali you are just the best dog ever, I love it when you want a hug as well when we are all hugging each other when saying hello or goodbye. Blessings!

Yas – You will always be my sister. I love what we talk about. You remember the seashell bracelet you made for me – well you gave it to me around Raksha Bandhan which is a celebration which honours the bond between a brother and a sister. You don’t know what that is but the serendipitous nature of your gift makes you a special person to me. Looking forward to seeing you again soon. Blessings!

MVP – you are my first superfan. I see you plenty anyway that is why I am not going to write all that much here. Blessings!

Andrea, Carolina and Natalianation – My three sisters of impeccable character. Thank you for looking after me and our home when I am not there. Blessings!

Charlotte B – It is interesting how friendships develop and how we find out different things about one another. Thank you for being a fan and showing an interest in my music from the early stages. You are still going to sing that song I have arranged even if it means waiting a year. Blessings!

Charlotte G – You are a winner. When you first joined the football club, the coaches made you sound like a superstar and that is why I call you Superstar. They were so impressed and I was so impressed by what I was hearing without knowing who you really were at the time – there was sense of mystery about you. I thought you were in your 20’s then but found out later you were much younger but we could see maturity in you. You are a smart, strong, beautiful and intelligent young lady now and you still play football. I am a big fan so keep playing, keep scoring goals and winning those trophies. To think you were a defender to begin with. I wish you joy everyday. PS – You got the song T shirt before anyone else because you are the superstar following on from a stellar season. I was following from thousands of miles away. A superstar in a sky full of stars – you can see why I wanted you to have it. Blessings!

Annie – Well, when I look at you, I see so much of myself in you. In fact, I could say you are me as a girl version and the interesting thing about it is we have grown up very differently many years apart and I can see through you how life might have been different for me – that helps a lot. You might not see that in me just yet or ever and that is ok. Thinking about you always lifts my spirits; you are a source of inspiration. You were like Maximus when commanding the girls on the football pitch. I would be proud to call you my captain. I trust that I can lift your spirits should you ever need it. Do you remember when you gave me those rocks? It was the day after my birthday and when I looked up at you I didn’t see your face – I saw Shri Krishna instead. I have never had that experience with anyone else. You will always be a special friend to me and I wish you joy everyday. We should shoot some footballs at a goal for old times sake one day. Seeing all that chemistry stuff you do makes me wonder how good you might be at the brewing of fine fruit wines and ales. Blessings!

Pierce – It was music that first brought me to you but now you have helped me create my fabulous website where I can tell my story. Once this is done, we will continue to collaborate musically I am sure. I have a lot of good laughs with you and that is really important to me. You are very talented and will do outstanding things too. Wear more colourful clothing – it suits you. Blessings!

Pixels by Proxy – So glad to have made your acquaintance – thank you for the excellent photos that are here on the website. Here is to more great photoshoots going forwards and it seems you have potential music genius in your family too. Blessings!

Damian – I first came across your content because I was trying to help a friend succeed in music and I can apply what you teach in my career. You have given me some great ideas about how to tell my story. Plenty more to come.

Paul H – I know I am not part of the allotment community anymore but I cherish the friendship we have had and I have enjoyed  your company a lot. Blessings!

Brown Bear, Blonde Bear and Ginger Bear – You know who you are. Blessings!

Ferry Corsten – I always wanted to make trance music like yours since I first heard it many years ago. It was a desire that I had for a long time and now I am doing it and more. Thank you for producing the songs you produced so that I can now produce the songs that I produce.

God – You are the taste of water, the might of the mighty, the strength of strong, the intelligence of the intelligent, the animator of the animated and the life of the living; the music of the musician. You are the sweet fragrance of the earth, the heat of the fire, the lustre of the lustrous, the brilliance of the brilliant, the love of the lover, the devotion of the devotee. You are everything that ever was, everything that ever is and everything that will be. You are the source of all things, the primary seed; there is no end to your supreme magnificence of which I could write pages. You move as love, harmony, beauty, joy and peace; to think just a negligible portion of your power supports all creation . Thank you. You are in me and I am in you. I bless you as much you have blessed me.

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